“Carpe diem! Rejoice while you are alive; enjoy the day; live life to the fullest; make the most of what you have. It is later than you think..” Quintus Horatius Flaccus (65 B.C.)

Built on total 4.000 sqm within Concorde De Luxe Resort, the two-storey Carpe Diem Spa moves you to a unique world.

Carpe Diem Spa restores your physical, mental and spiritual integrity with its care cabins which are specially designed with the most modern equipment, excellent cares, tranquil and peaceful atmosphere.

You can complete the complementary effect of the massage therapies, Spa cares, traditional bath glove and foam applications, face and body applications with world renowned brands by drinking your tea at Spa Café or resting in the special Spa garden. 

In the Carpe Diem SPA, aside from the massage and therapy selections, you can visit our SPA Boutique to find organic, nature-friendly products which will enhance your beauty and are not tested on animals.

In our SPA, the indoor swimming pool, Turkish Bath, Sauna and Fitness Center is included in Ultra All-Inclusive package and open for all our guests.

In the SPA areas like Steam Room, Turkish Bath & Sauna, children below 16 are not permitted without their parents.



Traditional Balinese massage

Blood circulation is regulated and muscle tension is reduced with the Balinese massage which includes kneading, hitting and stretching techniques, applied with special vegetal and fruit oils. This massage is ideal for those who prefer soft pressure on them.

Lomi-Lomi Hawai Massage

It is a healing massage with roots in the ancient Hawaiian 'Huna' philosophy which awakens positive energies. Lomi Lomi is a unique massage with arm and elbow applied through rhythmic breathing and dance techniques.

Balinese Mandara 4-Hands Massage

The movements of the four-hand massage moves throughout your body like a synchronized dance. Two expert therapists with four expert hands complement and follow each other to relax your body's energy flow. You will experience the power of touch and feel stress-free through this massage.

Thai Massage

It is the only body stretching massage in Asian healing techniques where no oil is used. This massage where point pressure is applied by stretching the body, opens the blocks in the energy channels, relaxes the body, and allows the body to regain flexibility.

Shiatsu Massage

Experience a 2000-year-old Japanese tradition at our SPA. The philosophy underlying Shiatsu is the secret of vital energy flowing throughout the body through a series of channels called meridians. Shiatsu involves applying different qualities of pressure to the body along the meridians and tsubos to harmonize and balance the Life Energy, Chi.

Hot-Stone Massage

Special volcanic stones and warm vanilla oil are used in this deeply relaxing massage. The warmth of the volcanic stones calms the body, relaxes the muscles, and the most importantly, allows the positive energy to penetrate through excreting negative energy in the body.

Asian Reflexology Massage

All nerve endings are stimulated, thereby accelerating blood circulation and providing deep relaxation through foot reflexology. All your internal organs stimulated by reflexology get vitality and comfort.


Shirodhara Massage

In Sanskrit, Shirodhara consists of the words Shiro+dhara, where Shiro means head and dhara means circulation. The nervous system is relaxed, stress is relieved, and headaches are reduced by stimulating the 3rd eye chakra and Anja chakra. Our guests with insomnia problems fall asleep comfortably and deeply that night. Warm sesame oil also moisturizes the hair and scalp.

Abhyanga Massage

Warm sesame oil is applied throughout the body from head to toe by the therapist for an extraordinarily relaxing treatment to relax the mind and nervous system. The therapy starts with a head massage and continues with a body and foot massage. In this way, blood circulation accelerates, contractions are opened, the nervous system is strengthened, and toxins in the body are discharged.

Shiroabhyanga Massage

It is a relaxing and calming massage combining the unique benefits of Shirodhara and Abhanga massages in harmony.

Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage with specially prepared herbal oils is firsly applied to the head and then to the neck and shoulders. The therapy continues with certain pressures applied to the stress points. The most important feature of this massage is to eliminate headaches. If done frequently, the effect is seen more quickly, it provides a deep relaxation and relieves stress.


Classic Swedish Massage

It is a relaxing massage that reduces muscle tension caused by fatigue and stress.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage techniques, concentrated mostly on feet, shoulders, neck, face and head, include the effective use of pure herbal oils. Combining Eastern and Western traditions, this massage accelerates blood circulation and relaxes metabolism. It provides a deep physical and spiritual calmness.

Anti-Stress Massage

If you feel tired and unhappy, we recommend you this massage. This soft massage, reduces the tension caused by work stress or insomnia, will also rest your soul.

Bronze Massage

It is a relaxation massage recommended especially before sunbathing and tanning and prepares you for a holiday. This is a massage applied with a mixture of special carrot and cocoa butter, which also moisturizes your skin. It preserves your tan for a long time. First of all, we recommend you the coffee bag.

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage is the most effective therapy that can be recommended to remove toxins from the body. It is also an ideal massage for those who prefer firm pressure.


Vitamin Skin Care

With this special care with intense vitamin supplements for oily, shiny, thick and dull-looking skins, your skin will be purified from oil and oil production of the skin will be balanced.

Senskin Skin Care

In this care you can choose for sensitive skins, plant-based products without perfumes, artificial coloring and preservatives are used. While it helps your skin to recover its natural balance and strengthen, it also helps to reduce mimic lines and delays skin deformation due to aging.

Anti-Age Eye Contour Care

This anti-age eye area care, effective in moisturizing and relaxing the eye area, giving it elasticity and improving wrinkles and under-eye bags, provides oxygenation and regeneration of the cells in this area. Thanks to its collagen content, it gives elasticity to the eye area. It protects this area against free radicals.

Anti-Age Skin Care

Thanks to the nourishing complexes in its content, the skin regains its ability to regenerate with this care, providing intense energy to the cells and reducing the depth and amount of fine lines and wrinkles. While making your skin look younger and more beautiful, it also protects it.

Oxygen Skin Care

Oxygen Skin Care” is specially prepared for skin that has lost its vitality and become dull. Cells are renewed, the skin shines and looks healthy through this care. Thanks to vitamins and oligo-elements provided with this care, your skin is renewed. Oxygen Complex provides energy for new cell formation.


Sea Salt Peeling

With this care applied with sea salt, which is very rich in minerals, the body is purified from dead skin cells and the skin becomes much softer and smoother.

Anti-Cellulite Care (Bandaged)

With this care with a heating effect and a thermal feature, the pressure on the fat tissues is reduced, the fat accumulations are dissolved and toxin excretion is ensured. This program, which burns fat, removes toxins and cellulite, is applied through body bandaging method.

Algae & Active Caffeine Treatment

Special massage technique with drainage effect and fragrant silky body cream will provide your skin with intense moisture, elasticity and also nourish your skin. Thanks to its Fucus Vesiculosus (seaweed) and active caffeine content, it has a weakening, shaping, firming, revitalizing, detoxifying effect.


1001 Arabian Nights Tales for Couples

This magnificent ritual, which starts with an aromatic steam room that will relax your mind and body continues with a special peeling application and a short warm shower after that, accompanied by a special red wine and a fruit plate service, continues with the pleasure of a fragrant and relaxing jacuzzi pleasure illuminated by candlelight. In this way, you are ready for the Carpe Diem Signature Massage for couples. After this relaxing special massage with unique aromas, your romantic and peaceful treatment ends with our herbal tea.
You can pamper yourself and your loved ones with our "1001 Arabian Nights Tales" package for couples.
Aromatic Steam Bath
Marrakech Hammam Ritual - Carpe Diem Signature Massage for Couples
Wine and fruit service

Charm of the East for couples

A pampering beauty ritual specific to the mystical energy and mysterious spirit of the East... Your dream of the Charm of the East begins with a foot washing ritual and continues with the pleasure of an aromatic steam bath, which is extremely effective in calming tense nerves. After a short shower, your program continues with a Turkish bath care, and the pleasure of hot water in the Jacuzzi prepared based on eastern beauty traditions invites you to a deep relaxation. Your program ends with a refreshing and relaxing Balinese Massage appealing to all the five senses, followed by freshly squeezed orange juice.
Aromatic Steam Bath – Jacuzzi Pleasure
Traditional Turkish Bath – Traditional Balinese Massage
Orange Juice and Dried Fruit Service

Scheherazade Tells for Couples

You will feel yourself the hero of this mysterious massage with the relaxing body massage you will receive with the unique aroma of jasmine flowers in that unique atmosphere where 1001 Arabian Nights Tales is told. Your unforgettable Spa experience will be completed with Turkish Delight and a Tea ceremony prepared with fresh herbs.
Relaxing Full Body Massage
Herbal Tea and Turkish Delight


Our Fitness Centre is located in the second floor of Carpe Diem SPA and serves our guests with a wide range of fitness equipments. Our fitness trainers would be glad to guide you for your needs. Fitness Centre serves between 08:00 – 20:00


In our Vitamin Bar within the SPA you can taste fresh fruit juices and refreshing drinks.